Mission to Passion: "Un mal pour un bien"

"Un mal pour un bien"

For those of you who don't know this french expression, it's kind of equivalent to "a blessing in disguise" or "every cloud has a silver lining".
It directly translates to "a bad for a good". Simple huh? 
I've been living my life with that expression as my philosophy. Not only is it healthy, but to me, it's real.     If you really want it, you can turn bad life events into something good, or even great. That's IF you really want it. Or you can dwell on it, cry about it, and believe you're just an unfortunate person. 

I can bring so many life events to light as an example, but I'll stick to the most recent one... 
"Unfortunately" (notice the quotations), I've been suffering from a long standing sports injury on my back and had to stop everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. My great dance, teaching and volunteering path in Vietnam has come to an abrupt stop. Recovery is unbearably slow and medical follow ups are greatly spread apart. I could curse at my perpetrator all day for being obliviously responsible for this, but naa.... (ok, I'll admit, sometimes I do.. hi hi). 

Ever since, I have re-opened my mind to something I had given up about 2 years ago; my filming. 

The new love of dancing had pulled me away from my filming path, but the 'back-folding-creep' has brought me back to it. 

I've been researching and editing during the past few months, and sometimes in the most unorthodox positions when I was bed bound, and now, I'm ready to put the first videos up. 

Just like my blog (and my life), I'm going with the flow. Things will get more and more solidified as I go. I did go crazy for a while though; Do I need a title? what's the title? what's my website? Where do I post them? How do I advertise it? What exactly is the series about? Who's my audience??What's the format?!  "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh! " my brain screamed, and just one thing came to mind, or should I say, heart:

Just do what you like, and do it with passion and good intentions.... and the rest will follow. 

With that being said, I welcome you to watch my first videos. The topic/event of the video was picked randomly and also depicted one of my most recent video shootings.
For those who are concerned about my back, I can't dance or curve my spine but I can stand, sit and walk... with a straight spine. Therefore, I can shoot (videos) and edit. The "health" cupid is not ready to shoot the arrow yet... that's fine by me... in due time.
I am posting the videos on both YouTube and Vimeo, with the latter being more film talent-centric (preferred) and the former being more... of course, traffic-centric (preferred for now)

Do subscribe to my channel and share or like the videos if you find them worthy! This journey starts with YOU really!!! Your comments, questions, suggestions are most appreciated. 
Like I said, everything is in progress, so do expect things to not be on par with the greatness out there... (Oh gosh, that's my insecurity kicking in) Well you know what I mean... It'll get better! And with your help, faster! 

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