Mission to Passion: Teaching and Daily Living

Teaching and Daily Living

This is my first language teaching position and for the first time I feel like I'm in the professional world. I know that it's often seen as a passage for many young adults who just finished university and want to do something different before settling down back home, but for me, it's actually the first time I feel serious about my work (and I guess that's how I defined professional). And I've been around let me tell you... A real estate agent, a group fitness teacher, a personal trainer, you name it I've probably done it... I did like some of the fields I've been in to be honest... so I think that this "serious feeling" also has to do with my current maturity level... Ever since I started teaching here, I feel this eagerness to grow and not just be a better teacher each day, but also a better person.

 The life as an English teacher in Vietnam is very busy on the weekend and quite comfortable during the week. This gives you plenty of time to explore other avenues or work on different projects! Perfect!

This is the first class given to me.  They usually run for about 3 months, but this one runs for 8. Currently, we have 18 students, not 12... .
They range between 5 and 7 years of age (my youngest class)  and are a lovely bunch.
 However, it's my most challenging class; there are 2 ADD kids, 1 Trouble Maker, 1with Anger Management issues and 1 very bright Sore Loser. Ha ha ha! Nevertheless, I still love them all, really, they suck the energy out of me, but they have hearts of gold. 

Colouring time is when I get to hear them speak to each other (in Vietnamese of course), and to me, they sound like arguing adults! haha! The one in the top left corner, Hy, is such a darling; he often brings me little surprises (origami stars, finger size doll, marker to borrow for the lesson) and when break time comes, he'll rush to me and start massaging my back (the chopping move) ! lol! And he won't leave the school until he has helped me bring all my material back to the teacher's room!

4 games in a row, and Linh keeps winning!

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There's something beautiful about seeing children learning about the world, especially children from a uni-cultural country, don't you think? 

...getting ready for picture time!
I also teach teenagers and adults. Here is a picture of my first teen class. They were at a beginner level. At first it was hard to get them involved, but eventually we got much closer! My class was coming to an end... so they surprised me with a Goodbye cake... so sweet.