Mission to Passion: Overdue 1st blog!

Overdue 1st blog!

On this site, I want to share my adventures towards a certain mission, a mission to passion. A mission to passion??? what the heck is that? It's a little hard to explain... hmmm... actually it's not! It's quite simple. My mission is a work in progress; it's a goal that is constantly evolving as I am evolving myself. As a young adult, my idea of who I wanted to be was polluted by such a superficial world and mentality. However, it is only getting clearer and clearer as I am on my journey, discovering things that I enjoy and things that truly matter to me. That's where "passion" comes in.

It's not easy. It comes with blood, sweat and tears. But most importantly, with passion. And that's what keeps me going. First it's just passion to have a passion, because I didn't know what I was passionated about, but I envied those who had one. So I went on a mission, a mission to passion! If you don't know what your passion is, at least have enough passion to find it. Travel and/or try new things... and that's what I did...

I really should have started this back in September 2010 when I first set off for this journey and moved to Paris. At the time, I filmed everything because I wanted to do a sort of documentary. One thing led to another, and the documentary is no longer my priority. However, I have kept all the footage, pictures and writings, so I may make some references to that period, as it is quite important to me.

That's me....  Last March; Part Two of my mission to passion. In a couple of hours,
I'm flying off to my second destination, the Land of the Lotus flower. 
Saigon Vietnam