Mission to Passion: Making time to give back!

Making time to give back!

I've been volunteering since August and I feel I should have done it more regularly in the past.

I also used to think to myself : "Right now, I need to focus on making it (career), and when I do, I will have the money and/or time to give back"... But as time passed and I still didn't have the money nor the time, I realized that there is no right time to give back. It should be something I do on a regular basis no matter how busy or poor (to a certain extent of course) because giving back comes in different shape or form, and I should just do what I can and make the time for it, just like when I make time for leisure and passion.

Luckily, my school is affiliated with different communities such as hospitals, shelters and orphanages, so finding a contact was quite easy! The volunteer coordinator at the Ung Buou Cancer Hospital is Thomas Christie. It is very refreshing to see his passion and dedication towards his role. In fact, most volunteers (who come regularly) I met there also have a lot of it :)
Twice a month, Tom gets a bunch of us volunteers together (not just from ILA schools) and we organize a play date with the children of the cancer hospital. From what I've experienced so far, there seems to be a theme each time, and we do all sorts of activities according to it!

This is more or less the front of the hospital 

On this day, we got together to wrap a bunch of presents for the kids. 

That's Tom. The volunteering coordinator for Ung Buou Hospital. And behind him is one section of the hospital. 
And the famous Peace sign.... 

 The presents have been wrapped and were to be given to all the children, but first, we play games.

... listening attentively to how it's gonna roll ....
Waiting, and waiting......

And here they are rushing in!!!!!
Tom & The Volunteers

                                                                         The Kids

I wasn't trying to scare them! The music stopped and that was my Freezing pose !

This is just so adorable! He was so excited!

Seeing parents being happy for their children is such a rewarding feeling! 

This girl is very animated!

This picture has a nostalgic feel to it, no? 

They all got a colouring book along with other goodies. 

This boy was my favourite! He always wanted to kiss us and take pictures! 
He even jumped on me, threw me down and started kissing me ON MY LIPS!!! lol  ! I had to stop him and turn the other way. When this picture was taken, I was holding my dress down! 
Aftermath meeting; look at him trying to get involved ! So cute! 

That's the hallways right outside of the playroom. It's really sad to see the families camp on the floor. There's just not enough room! I didn't want to take pictures of the patients' rooms because I felt bad (next time)... but if you see it, it will break your heart. 

And that was a play date with the children at the Ung Buou Cancer Hospital. 'Can't wait to see them again :) 
Until next time kids !!!!